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Server-side DOM manipulation in Node.js with JSDOM, JQuery, and Mustache Templates

I recently finished a mobile web development contract based on Node.js. Looking around for but not finding a javascript-compatible template system like python's Mako, I came across Nodejitsu's JSDOM-based Weld approach to rendering HTML content via DOM manipulation on the server. What an awesome idea: Write your original rendering code in JQuery and the JQuery you'll need for AJAX in browser is already done. Not much out there one this yet, so I'll go through my process here.

The Nodejitsu article mentioned above is a great place to start. Weld adds a data-DOM mapper to JSDOM's server-side DOM implementation. I chose a different JSDOM-based approach that maps data to HTML in atomic blocks and then places those blocks into the DOM - using a Mustache template for each block of HTML I'd want to be replaceable (e.g. via AJAX on client). With either approach, in order to realize the benefit of server/browser code re-use, such HTML blocks will have to be sent to the browser. In the approach described here, that might involve using ICanHaz.js, which I hope to cover this in a follow-up post.

Download this code

Demo Output

Handling the request in Node.js (product_demo.js)

var http = require('http'),
    fs = require('fs'),
    jsdom = require('jsdom'),
    // correction made on May 4, 2011, removing this unnecessary require: flow = require('flow'),
    mustache = require('mustache');

var products = require('./fixtures/products_fixture');

var productSummaryTemplate = fs.readFileSync('component_templates/product_summary.html','utf-8');

http.createServer(function(request,response) {
        var page_template = fs.readFileSync('page_templates/product_list.html','utf-8');
        var document = jsdom.jsdom(page_template);
        var window = document.createWindow();
        jsdom.jQueryify(window, './jquery.js', function() {
                window.$('h2').html("Content Added to DOM by Node.js Server");
                for (var i=0; i < products.length; i++) {
                    productSummaryHtml = mustache.to_html(productSummaryTemplate, products[i]);
                response.writeHead(200, {'Content-Type': 'text/html'});
                response.end("<!DOCTYPE html>\n" + window.$('html').html());

Plain HTML template to be fleshed out via JQuery in the DOM (page_templates/product_list.html)

      Album Demo - Server-side DOM manipulation in Node.js with JSDOM and JQuery                            
      Album Demo - Server-side DOM manipulation in Node.js with JSDOM and JQuery                            
      !!! This will be overwritten  !!!                                                                     
    <ul id="productList" style="list-style:none">

Mustache template component to be applied to the DOM via JQuery (component_templates/product_summary.html)

<li style="list-style:none">
  <div class="album" style="width:360px">
    <div class="albumCover" style="float:left;clear:left;width:100px;">
      <img src="{{ coverUrl }}" style="width:100px">
    <div class="albumMeta" style="float:right;clear:right;width:240px;">
      <div class="albumName">
        <em>{{ name }}</em>
      <div class="albumArtist">
        {{ artist }}

Example data (fixtures/productsFixture.js)

exports.products_fixtures = module.exports =
      "name":"Tried By 12",
      "artist":"East Flatbush Project",
     "name":"Rock'N'Roll Gumbo",
     "artist":"Professor Longhair",

A follow-up piece covering javascript-DOM code sharing between browser and server coming soon.

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