In 2018 I joined the Azure Machine Learning Group at Microsoft's New England Research & Development (NERD) Center in Cambridge, MA. As a Software Engineer I build cloud platform software that improves the way data scientists develop and operationalize machine learning models.

From 2011-2017 I ran a small software development business, helping early-stage startups build web and mobile apps. After shutting down my own consumer tech startup RallyPlan, I began helping startup CEOs and product managers succeed with their web and mobile applications. I've delivered entire products solo, including UI/UX design. I've also recruited and led teams to deliver large projects. We used the best technology for the specific project, most typically Node.js, Angular, React, Rails, Python, and AWS.

From 2007-2010 I founded and ran RallyPlan, a bootstrap startup that mined Twitter data using NLP algorithms and machine learning to help people discover social events. From 1998-2007 I built data management, business intelligence, and machine learning systems as engineer at MicroStrategy and SAS Institute.

I live in Cambridge, MA with my wife and three kids.

Current Work

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning (Feb 2018 - present)

Software Engineer

As a Software Engineer in the Azure Machine Learning Group at Microsoft's New England Research & Development (NERD) Center in Cambridge, MA, I build cloud platform software that improves the way data scientists develop and operationalize machine learning models.




Microsoft Azure Machine Learning (Feb 2018 - present)

Software Engineer

As a Software Engineer in the Azure Machine Learning Group at Microsoft's New England Research & Development (NERD) Center in Cambridge, MA, I build cloud platform software that improves the way data scientists develop and operationalize machine learning models.

Web/Mobile Application API for Fortune 500 Media Company (Sep 2017 - Feb 2018)

API Tech Lead (Contract)

Working with Rocket Insights, I led a team of 5 software engineers in developing the backend API for a Fortune 500 media company's web/mobile application. We engineered the API to scale to millions of users globally, including China.

GetHuman - Consumer Internet (Oct 2015 - Mar 2016, Dec 2016 - May 2017)

Contract Software Engineer & Tech Lead

As a software engineer and tech lead at GetHuman I built a workflow scheduling backend and associated UI that our human and automated problem solvers use to solve customer service problems. The backend is Node.js, TypeScript, and RxJS. Front end work involved Angular, React, Redux, and React Native.

VMware (July 2016 - Dec 2016)

Web UI Front-end Development - Contract

I built a web application for the vSphere Docker Volume Driver (GitHub) project at VMware. The Angular application allows administrators of Docker Containers running on the VMware platform to create and manage access to vSphere Storage Platform (VSAN, VMFS, NFS) from those containers.

Scratch - Consumer E-commerce (2015)

Full-stack Web and Mobile Development

Matt Zisow, Chris Howes, Philippe Bosshart, and I developed and launched expert shopping service Scratch, funded by Bessemer Venture Partners, in late 2014 and early 2015. We built iOS and web consumer apps plus internal research, curation and analytics technology using Javascript, including Angular.js, Ionic Framework, Node.js, Firebase, ElasticSearch, and PostgreSQL.

FinMason - Portfolio Risk Management (2014-2015)

Web Application UI Development

I organized a two-person team to build the initial web UI for financial services startup Finmason. We worked closely with Founder/CEO Kendrick Wakeman and the engineering team on a very aggressive timeline to build a comprehensive HTML5 single-page web app based on Angular.js with a build process involving Node.js, Bower.js, Broccoli.js, Less CSS preprocessing, etc. The application involves data visualization for portfolio risk management.

Invite Education - College Planning (2013-2014)

Product Management, Design, and Development for Consumer Web and SaaS

I worked with the founders of education technology startup Invite Education to translate their vision - a better college planning experience for families - into a successful product. I organized a three-person team to design and build the initial version of the product, which launched privately in February 2014 and continues to exceed sales expectations. The product makes use of the Ruby on Rails and Angular frameworks and the D3 data visualization library.

Harvard CATCH Open Annotation Web UI Library (2013)

Javascript and HTML5 UI Developer

I'm developing a Javascript Web UI library for exploring W3C Open Annotation Data, working with the Harvard University's CATCH project team. The library will allow researchers to navigate and discover annotations of video, image and text media for peer review and other research activity.

Oxfam America Website Development (2013)

Full-stack Python and Software Engineer

I'm helping Oxfam America build and deploy their next-generation web platform for publishing and fundraising. We're using Python, Django, Mezannine CMS, Javascript, etc.

Kickbit Screenshots

Aquto - Early-stage Mobile Startup (2012)

UI / UX Developer for Initial Consumer Multi-Platform Mobile App

Led initial front-end development of Kickbit, an iOS/Android mobile app for early-stage startup Aquto - funded by North Bridge Venture Partners and Matrix Partners - that is pioneering mobile carrier plan data as form of virtual good/currency, making mobile data more affordable for consumers.

Working with a UI/UX designer and another developer, I designed and implemented initial build/tooling/workflow process for supporting wide range of device platforms (iOS, Android, web, etc.). I defined and implemented the initial application architecture, played a strong role in UI/UX design, and helped define/implement customer development and usability testing.

Product technology specifics are confidential. I learned a lot about, evaluated and implemented technologies in several categories: 1) Javascript client frameworks like Ember, Backbone, Angular, etc. 2) Javascript build and tooling technologies like Yeoman, Grunt, etc. 3) Hybrid native/web bridge technologies like Phonegap, Titanium,, etc. 4) DOM libraries like JQuery, Zepto, etc. 5) Javascript testing tools like Mocha, PhantomJS, Jasmine, Selenium, etc.

More about Aquto

Rumble Football Screenshot

Connected Sports - Professional Sports Mobile TV Companion Game Startup (2011-2012)

Co-Founder, UI / UX and Node.js API Developer for Initial Product

The fifth employee at Connected Sports (backed by Avalon Ventures) I was the primary developer for the Javascript / HTML5 front-end for the company's first version of the Rumble Football product and built much of the supporting Node.js REST API. A social 2nd screen companion game experience for watching NFL on TV, Rumble Football involved real-time communication using Web Sockets and, use of the Backbone front-end framework, JQuery, JQuery UI, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, and Redis.

More about Connected Sports Screenshot (formerly Kibits) - Real-time Mobile Collaboration Startup (2011)

UI / UX and Node.js API Developer for Initial Product

Contract project: Built initial prototype of HTML5 Mobile Web Experience and helped establish initial Node.js API for real-time collaboration startup funded by Google Ventures.

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Fitgiver Screenshot

Fitgiver - Earn Money for Charity When You Workout (2011)

Part-time UI / UX and Node.js API Developer for Startup Side-Project

Helped build initial HTML5 UI / UX and Node.js backend for a consumer mobile web app that won the social good category at AngelHack Boston in 2011. Established the Node.js Wrapper for Runkeeper Health Graph API open source project.

More about Fitgiver

Swoop Screenshot

Swoop (formerly Shopximity) - Mobile Ad Network (2011)

Javascript SDK Developer for Initial Product

Contact project: Helped build initial Javascript SDK for Grocery Products Mobile Advertising Network Swoop (funded by US Venture Partners)

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Rally Screenshot

Rally - Social Planning and Events Startup (2009 - 2010)

Founder, CTO, Designer and Developer

I created a service called in 2009 to aggregate Twitter conversation about local businesses to help consumers discover the best bars, restaurants, etc. nearby. The service pivoted to become Rally and focus on the long-tail of local events to help people make casual plans with friends.

Rally mined Twitter for content related to the future, extracting data about date, location, event, people involved, conversation thread, etc to build a calendar of future events in users' social graphs. The main user experience was a daily email that aided last-minute planning. While the daily email was successful among initial users (5% daily clickthrough rate), attempts to discover a workable distribution model failed, and the service was shut down in 2011.

I designed and developed all aspects of the Rally product, from email and web user experiences to Python / Django API with Twitter Streaming API integration, MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, Amazon AWS, etc.

More about Rally

Likematter Screenshot

Likematter - Personalized News Reader and Job Recommendation Engine (2008 - 2009)

Founder, CTO, Designer and Developer

I founded Likematter in 2008 to help people discover relevant news and job listings on the web. Likematter built profiles of personal interests from favorited content like bookmarks, blogs (OPML), etc., crawled the web for current news and job listings, and the recommended highly relevant new content using machine learning and natural language processing based on the OpenCalais entity extraction platform.

I led a 2-4 person team developing natural language processing and machine learning algorithms in Python and a Javascript/HTML/CSS UI / UX for personalized news and jobs discovery.

More about Likematter

Bracketwise Screenshot

Bracketwise - Personal Side Project (2013)


Collaborated with Chris Mihm to build an NCAA Basketball Tournament bracket manager that identifies "undervalued" teams by comparing Vegas odds with tournament seeds.